Lizanne Richards
Self Titled Debut Album
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Lizanne Richards (Self-titled debut album)

“Truly soulful. This album provided one of the most treasured first-track moments I've had in recent times. It took a while to recognise what was happening, but before the end I had to pinch myself to ensure it had. Better Love is the kind of song you hope people find - with dirty warm guitar (Shane O'Mara) and Richards smouldering through an evolution that I'm not sure ends in pain or peace. Lyrically engaging, sounding for the most part like sparse trip-hop with a country undertone (and no programmed backbeat), these songs (also produced by O'Mara) make a sultry balm to the breakdown of afternoon sunlight.” **** Arne Sjostedt, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, WA Today 

“Stepping away from Melbourne gypsy-esque ensemble Lady Grey, Lizanne Richards here arrives with her solo debut, a collection of vocal-driven numbers drawing from a myriad of styles (alt. country, jazz, blues, in very subtle ways), all of which sit surprisingly well together.

Her voice is quirky enough to stand out, but not so quirky that you roll your eyes and say, “Not another one!” With a stellar backing cast (including the inimitable Shane O'Mara on guitars and backing vocals, Bruce Haymes on keys and Ray Pereira on percussion), she shows she's definitely comfortable putting her own material out there. She creates odd little landscapes all over the record, which wax and wane, growing and falling in just the right places.” Samuel J. Fell, Rhythms Magazine 


“Consummate musicianship and damn fine song-writing.” Steve Charman, Open Tuning, 94.9 Main FM 


Album of the week. 94.9 Main FM 


“A very impressive debut.” Brian Wise, Off The Record, Triple R 
  Listen to Lizanne's interview with Brian.


“Unique...soulful...superbly crafted...a stunning debut. Keep this in your car - you'll never be stuck in traffic again.” Rob Dickens, robdickens101 


Album of the week. 2BOB Radio 104.7 FM 


“Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Lizanne Richards, originally from Lady Grey, has stepped out of the band arena and is releasing her self-titled debut album. It features a combination of jazz, blues, and folk tunes, with Lizanne’s beautiful vocals and haunting lyrics running throughout. The album tells stories of lost loves, the passing of time, and how we, as humans, process issues that come up in our lives. It’s beautifully crafted, and I love the way each song grows, like waves on a beach, ebbing and flowing.

My favourite songs are Stuck on You and Racing Time. Stuck on You explores the consequences of a broken marriage from the man’s perspective. The chorus is catchy, but asks important questions, especially relating to the impact of divorce on children. Racing Time is about the limitless energy of children and young people, and this is especially shown by the funk rhythms.

As a folk blues fan, this album and style of vocals speak to me. There are hints of many different inspirations, and this is what makes the album so loveable. It sneaks in jazz, folk, blues, and pop, meshed together alongside the stunning lyrics.” Noemie Huttner-Koros, BMA Magazine 


“Lizanne Richards debut self-titled album has a hypnotic sound that interweaves life experience and her own experiences. It seems to create one long melody which keeps you hooked to the end. This should be released on vinyl. It will bring out more of the sound of this album as it can be one of the best ways to hear music while looking over the liner notes.” **** S Cuppari, Celi Britto 

Rogers Sings Rogerstein (Tim Rogers)

“Album opener, ‘All or Nothing’ is a duet with Lizanne Richards who we can confirm is a real woman. It’s a delicate, almost mournful waltz with Rogers whispering, ‘just lie on my chest tonight, you’ll hear the dying of light’. A worthy beginning.”  One Chord To Another 

Tim Rogers: “I gave it to Lizanne [Richards], who sung on the record, and said, “See what you can find in it.” She did a day in the studio with Shane when I was on tour. It’s perfect because it’s a tale of a male-female romantic relationship.”  Mess and Noise 

Listen to track ‘All or Nothing’.

Of Wifely Constitution (Lady Grey/Lizanne Richards)

“The music of Lady Grey – a lush blend of folk, blues and country, with enough Lucinda Williams to warrant serious commendation – is ideal for the narrative course.  Like the hidden meaning that lies at the heart of the album’s title, Lady Grey gives us plenty to explore.”  Patrick Emery, Beat Magazine

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